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Tie Matching - How to choose the right tie for every occasion

The tie is an essential component of the men's wardrobe and knowing which tie to choose for each occasion is vital. Here are some Wilmok tips.

Tie matching: How to choose the right tie for every occasion
The tie is a fundamental asset of the men's wardrobe and knowing the correct tie match is essential to always appear elegant and authoritative. A nice tie, like the ones you find on the Wilmok website, adds style to the look and allows the man to stand out from the crowd.
A beautiful tie is a symbol of professionalism, even though it fits in a casual wardrobe as well. There are many elements to consider when choosing the model of tie to match the many shirts owned by each man. Here are Wilmok's tips and a tricks to avoid making mistakes in matching a tie.

Formal tie
The classic formal tie is the regimental one in silk and it is absolutely not true that every type of tie makes the person professional. There are many options to choose from. Wilmok's advice is to prefer neutral colors: black, blue or burgundy. Those who prefer a patterned printed tie can choose micro-patterns, stripes or polka dots.
To be on the safe side on a formal occasion, it is good to prefer a silk tie, which gives it shine.

Casual tie
Even a casual look can be enhanced with a nice tie, decorated with small logos or small repeated prints, as in the case of novelty ties. It is a way to give style to suits and broken suits and to wear a tie even on the weekend or at an informal party.

Casual Novelty Tie -  Recycled Plastic Men's Fashion

Tie for special events
Some super chic restaurants or a vernissage may require a man to wear a nice tie, especially if you want to make a good impression. Also in this case the silk tie is indicated, while the knitted one is perfect for cocktails, combined with blazers and chinos.

Special Event Tie Matching -  Wilmok

Wedding tie
If the wedding is celebrated during the day, Wilmok recommends wearing a tie with metallic colors and bright fabric. Those who are invited or witnesses to a ceremony held in the evening can choose a plain dark color tie or a patterned tie. Finally, the groom can match the tie with the wedding dress, in order to stand out and give elegance to the couple's look. Here are some tips on selecting your wedding suit

Wedding Tie Matching - Wilmok
Summer and winter: how to choose the right tie
The best tie combination also depends on the season and when choosing a tie it is important to take into account the fabrics, prints and colors that are most suitable for each phase of the year. In particular, on the Wilmok website you can find:
- Summer ties: they are ties suitable for spring and summer, to be worn with casual clothes when temperatures are high. Certainly the best tie is grenadine silk, suitable for all year round and perfect for formal and informal outfits. The colors of the best summer tie include blue, light blue and green: these are fresh shades, which lighten dark suits and are also perfect with the mini polka dot or regimental pattern;

Summer Tie Matching - Wilmok
- Winter ties: the perfect choice for winter is a wool, silk or cashmere tie in dark colors and patterns that include combinations of black, brown, blue and burgundy. The perfect patterns for the winter tie to be used in formal and informal contexts are more subtle and range from solid color to striped tie, up to the more eccentric tie with floral themes.

As you can see, there are many different tie models available to the classy man and on the Wilmok website you can find the one that best suits the context of use, the season and the personality of the wearer. Come and buy the best silk tie to add elegance to your look!


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