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The James Bond Tie : Grenadine / Garza Tie

On October 31, 2020, at the age of 90, Sean Connery, the best James Bond performer as well as a leading actor in the world of cinema, died. The movie star has played the dapper secret agent six times and has performed in other roles over the years, earning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in "The Untouchables" in 1987.

Sean Connery's James Bond is a man of great class and elegance who has become an icon of good taste starting from the garza / grenadine tie which we have learned to appreciate, thanks to him.

Sean Connery James Bond Garza Grenadine Tie Wilmok

The History of the Garza / Grenadine Tie

Here at Wilmok, you can find the best garza / grenadine ties, whose origin begins with English industrialisation. In 1809 in England the inventor John Heathcoat built the first loom suitable for producing garza fabric, even if the devastation brought by the Luddites in 1816 risked losing this invention forever. The destruction of the mill for the production of garza or grenadine fabric did not discourage Heathcoat, who rebuilt the machine in an even better way than the first version, giving the world an elegant and refined fabric.

The importation of Garza looms into Italy, however, took place by Germano Fumagalli who fell in love with the hand-made garza loom.

What is a Grenadine tie?

Garza or grenadine is a light, fascinating silk fabric woven exclusively on Lake Como's shores. Here the gauze is woven according to tradition on wooden looms that allow the movement of the individual threads to create complex projects.

Como garza grenadine tie cravatta Wilmok

In particular, today everyone knows the Grenadine tie. The warp and weft overlap in a traditional pattern, after which the creation of grenadine gauze involves a third dimension that is intertwined with the previous threads. The result is a lightweight fabric that facilitates the passage of light, as can be seen firsthand by purchasing Wilmok grenadine ties.

If today we have lost the habit of using gauze to create tailored clothes, grenadine has become one of the most luxurious fabrics to give life to ties. Few people know that garza ties are not only in silk, but also in wool, cashmere and shantung silk or are offered in various combinations of materials. The colors are also many and different, as can be seen in Wilmok's rich collection.

The two types of garza / grenadine

Today on the market there are two types of grenadine ties, the Garza grossa and the Garza fina. The garza grossa has a more visible motif than the fine garza and in addition to these two variants, the garza di prometeo and the granting finta also exist. 

Garza Grossa vs Garza Fina Como Wilmok

The beauty of the grenadine ties

Today, grenadine is one of the most luxurious materials for creating a tie and the garza / grenadine tie becomes an inevitable accessory on formal occasions. It is no coincidence that this tie has been associated with famous movie stars: think of Sean Connery in James Bond, Tommy Shelby in Peaky Blinders and Frank Underwood in House of Cards.

In particular, one of the most popular models is the navy blue tie which gives a timeless elegance to the wardrobe and is a must have for every man. It is a versatile grenadine tie suitable for formal day and evening occasions, made with thick gauze and made famous by Sean Connery in his 1962 James Bond movie.

Wilmok Navy Blue Garza Grenadine James Bond

As you can see, the grenadine gauze tie is one of the most dapper accessories you can have in your wardrobe and represents an investment capable of resisting time and trends in men's accessories. At this point you can checkout the very the best hand-rolled grenadine silk ties, choosing from the many models and colours that you find on the Wilmok website.


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