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What are Shantung Ties?

Shantung ties are high-end Italian ties that use silk from the Shantung or Shandong province in China, which is woven manually from uneven yarns resulting in a textured and rough surface.

The tie is an accessory that has always characterised men's clothing and is suitable for formal occasions to immediately give elegance to a look. In the summer, you might think that the tie is less used, but that is not the case as long as you choose models and light fabrics capable of making the outfit immediately fresher. Among the summer ties, the most exclusive is the Shantung silk tie, which goes perfectly with elegant suits and jackets.

Even the colours of the summer ties and the Shantung silk tie are different from the winter ones and include bright colours or pastel colours. For a perfect work look, we recommend choosing neutral colours, which gives a professional character, while on casual and informal occasions you can opt for an eccentric and extravagant look. Very fashionable are the ties with polka dot or flower pattern, designed to brighten your style.

Cravatta Shantung

Shantung Silk -
Today's men increasingly appreciate the Shantung silk tie which uses fabric that is durable and wear-resistant. It is a silk produced by silkworms that feed on oak and juniper leaves and which are not raised in a controlled way, but in a natural way. Usually the worm spins two cocoons with small knots that give the fabric a shiny and rough appearance. Compared to normal silkworms, the yarn is more robust, without losing elegance. It is no coincidence that Shantung silk, apart from being used in the creation of ties such as those you can find on the Wilmok website, is also for the packaging of tailored jackets that are flawless from an aesthetic point of view.

Shiny and luminous, Shantung silk is presented in iridescent colours and as a soft and elastic fabric, which follows the lines of the body and does not wrinkle. A Shantung tie is the ideal, hypoallergenic and perfect summer tie for day and evening wear. This may be why more and more men appreciate this fabric, suitable for informal and casual occasions. A nice summer tie in Shantung silk goes well with evening dresses, formal dresses and haute couture suits, but it doesn't clash with a pair of jeans and a casual look either.Shantung Silk Tie

Characteristics of the Shantung tie - 
Silk Shantung weighs more than classic silk and has a more full-bodied three-dimensional structure, but this does not mean that the Shantung tie is heavier and stiffer than the traditional silk tie. Thanks to its natural fibre weave, this accessory is perfect for those looking for a cool tie to wear in the hot summer without sacrificing style.
The tie does not require elaborate workmanship and sartorial hazards to stand out in all its beauty and expressive power and given the rough and irregular surface it also goes perfectly with a light shirt and the casual-cut jacket. Furthermore, the strength and roughness of the Shantung silk tie allow it to hold the knot even after several hours of use, such as a long day at the office or an important meeting.

Italian Shantung

Finally, only a few know that Shantung silk and the summer tie were among the great protagonists of the Pitti Uomo 90 fashion shows in 2016 and still today this model gives personality and character and determines a precise way of facing life.
Here at Wilmok, you can find the best summer ties in Shantung silk, made with passion and love by those who know about ties and know how important it is to offer customers quality products. Check out our catalog and buy your favourite one!


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