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Tips for buying a wedding suit in 2023

Acquiring the right wedding suit is incredibly important since it needs to represent your style, while also being appropriate for such an event. Which makes you wonder, how can you actually pick a good wedding suit out of the thousands of models available out there? Here we have an article with some tips and tricks that can help you buy the right wedding suit in 2023.

Formality level

Every wedding is different. Some weddings are more casual or semi-casual, while others are extremely formal. We recommend taking your time as you figure out what approach works and what delivers the best value.

Take the right measurements beforehand

You always want to buy a suit that fits very well. Some men go the extra mile and actually get a bespoke suit done for themselves. This is great since it helps bring in the best fit without worrying about any problems that might arise. You can also customize other parts of the suit, add various features and so on.

What time of the day is the wedding taking place?

If the wedding is during the daytime, you can go a shade lighter for the suit. This is ideal because it makes the suit appropriate, without standing out too much. You want it to be versatile and suitable for the event.

Choose a double-breasted or 3-piece suit

The double-breasted coat is a good formal approach, and quite dressy as well. The three-piece suit is obviously ideal for the wedding, and you can stick to a simpler tone and not something overly colourful. But as we said, it all comes down to the wedding theme and style. In some cases, going with bright and very colourful suits is the right option.

Wear a high-quality tie

It’s important to have the right accessories like handmade Italian ties if possible. These are incredible, unique ties that impress with their style and durability. It’s imperative to push the limits and always come up with a versatile, dependable tie that really pushes the limits, and still delivers the best results. Do that, and the experience can be a very good one in the end.

We recommend our collection of grenadine ties or shantung silk ties that use silk fabric exclusively from Como, Italy.

Think about other accessories too

Your shoes, cufflinks, and all accessories matter and they should have the same tone and colours or style. If you can match them with the handmade Italian ties, then that will help as well. You always want to go with something different and innovative, and this approach certainly helps.

Buying the right suit takes a lot of time and patience since you can’t find the perfect option right away. And then you also have to think about accessories like the right leather belt, handmade Italian ties and many others. All of these need to match the desired theme and requirements. Yet despite all of that, buying a wedding suit is still very exciting and fun, and it can actually bring in an exciting experience. It’s all a matter of taking your time and knowing what features you are looking for!


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