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by Wilmok

Yeti in the Himalayas - Pocket Square

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Journey through the snow-capped peaks with our Yeti-inspired silk pocket square. The Yeti, often dubbed the "Abominable Snowman", is a fabled creature deeply rooted in the folklore of the Himalayas. Locals, sherpas, and adventurers have whispered tales of this elusive giant, a guardian of the high altitudes, leaving behind mysterious footprints in the snow. While the Yeti has often been depicted as a fearsome beast, many stories also portray it as a shy creature, symbolizing the untouched mysteries of the mountains and the spirit of exploration. Our pocket square elegantly depicts the Yeti, weaving its legendary aura with the serene beauty of its alpine habitat.

100% Italian Silk from Como

Handmade in Italy

Hand Rolled Edges

45cm x 45cm

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CARE : Store flat and untied. Avoid rain, water and dry clean only. 

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