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by Wilmok

Kraken - Pocket Square

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Delve deep into maritime legends with our Kraken-themed silk pocket square. The Kraken, a behemoth of the seas, has terrorized sailors' tales for centuries. Originating from Norse sagas, this legendary cephalopod is said to dwell off the coast of Norway and Greenland, emerging without warning to drag entire ships and their crew into the abyss. Whispered accounts speak of its massive tentacles, strong enough to split vessels in two, and its insatiable appetite for the unsuspecting sailor. Our pocket square artfully represents the enigma of the Kraken, capturing its mystique, formidable power, and the haunting beauty of the deep-sea tales from which it springs.

100% Italian Silk from Como

Handmade in Italy

Hand Rolled Edges

45cm x 45cm

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CARE : Store flat and untied. Avoid rain, water and dry clean only. 

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