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by Wilmok

King Kong - Pocket Square

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Embrace the epic saga of King Kong with our beautifully designed silk pocket square. Hailing from the mysterious Skull Island, King Kong stands as an awe-inspiring symbol of nature's raw power and majesty. First introduced to the world in 1933, this colossal ape became a cinematic icon, representing both the untamed force of nature and the poignant vulnerability of a being out of place. Whether scaling the heights of the Empire State Building or battling prehistoric foes, King Kong's tale is one of love, tragedy, and humanity's frequent missteps in understanding the unknown. Our pocket square paints a vivid picture of this legendary giant, inviting wearers to carry a piece of cinematic and cultural history with them.

100% Italian Silk from Como

Handmade in Italy

Hand Rolled Edges

45cm x 45cm

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CARE : Store flat and untied. Avoid rain, water and dry clean only. 

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