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by Wilmok

Godzilla - Pocket Square

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Evoke the power and grandeur of Godzilla with our luxurious silk pocket square. Born from the post-war fears of the atomic age, Godzilla, or Gojira in Japanese, first roared to life in 1954 as both a destroyer and a savior. This colossal creature emerged from the deep, a metaphor for nuclear annihilation, yet over time has transformed into a cultural icon symbolizing both humanity's destruction and its resilience. Our pocket square captures Godzilla's fierce countenance and fiery breath, mirroring the tumultuous relationship between man, nature, and technology. Each design detail serves as a tribute to the King of Monsters and the rich tapestry of stories it has inspired over decades.

100% Italian Silk from Como

Handmade in Italy

Hand Rolled Edges

45cm x 45cm

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CARE : Store flat and untied. Avoid rain, water and dry clean only. 

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