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Top 10 Sustainable Men's Fashion Brands 2023

Sustainability is an important topic in the world right now and there are many fantastic fashion brands out there that are thinking with a more environmentally-friendly conscious and ethical focus. Some of the best brands include…


WAMA Underwear

The entire WAMA range is made from Hemp, which means it is ethically sustainable and it also uses a number of technological advancements to ensure a comfy and clean fit!



Patagonia is wearable technology and the company focuses on helping those communities in need as well as working closely with various environmental action groups.



Faherty is designed to provide a high quality range of clothing that has been created using the littlest impact on the environment.



This Egyptian brand uses naturally sourced fibres and ensures its staff enjoy a fair wage whilst customers can enjoy a soft authentic Egyptian cotton.



This French shoe brand uses ethically friendly materials and has even created a vegan show which is made entirely from plant-based materials and is fully biodegradable when finished with.



Nau creates some of the most sustainable performance wear in the world and 98% of their profit goes towards building a more sustainable company whilst the other 2% is put into grassroots environmentalism.



This outdoor gear clothing brand actively helps to reserve natural resources through the use of innovative products and practices.



This clothing brand makes its products entirely with hemp, cork and organic cotton and for every item purchased they plant ten trees; hence the name!



American brand Pact is both ethical and sustainable and their garments are produced using organic cotton and no harmful chemicals. They are also actively reducing the amount of water they are using and has fair trade factory certification.



Here at Wilmok we create beautifully crafted, handmade high-quality Italian ties that are made from recycled plastic bottles. Part of our profits go to help feed underprivileged children in Nepal.  


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