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by Wilmok

Venice - Pocket Square

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Drift through the dreamlike waterways with our Venetian Serenade-themed silk pocket square. Venice, a city built on water, has long been a muse for artists, poets, and lovers. With its winding canals, historic gondolas, and iconic bridges like the Rialto, Venice exudes a timeless romance and allure. The gentle reflections of palazzos in the shimmering water and the soft melodies of gondoliers serenading under the moonlight capture the heart and soul of La Serenissima. Our pocket square beautifully encapsulates this Venetian essence, inviting wearers to carry a piece of Italy's floating city and its unparalleled charm.

100% Italian Silk from Como

Handmade in Italy

Hand Rolled Edges

45cm x 45cm

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CARE : Store flat and untied. Avoid rain, water and dry clean only. 

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